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A dynamic and engaging speaker, Jerry Kaye is available to present the following popular workshops and programs, which can be tailored to your organization’s needs. Contact Jerry to learn more. 

Talmud for People Who Never Read the Bible 

This workshop introduces participants to a wide spectrum of Jewish texts - even for those who have never studied either formally or informally. While it is accessible to all ages, it works best with adults, college students, or older teens.  This is not intended as a family program. 

Jerry Kaye offers workshps for all ages

Humor, Jewish and Otherwise...

You will hear stories that you have long since forgotten, and new ones that you never knew. Poignancy, remembrance and just plain fun underlines this experience best directed toward adults both young and old. 

Jerry Kaye Storytelling workshops
If This is the Kind of Child You Want… This is the Kind of Parent You Must Become 

Aimed at parents, this program will help you explore your personal values, as well as your goals for your own family. Jerry will help parents create a clear path for identifying the most important markers in raising their children. Best for parents of young children, or those who are about to be.

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