A dynamic and engaging speaker, Jerry Kaye brings decades of experience and wisdom to his storytelling programs.

Jerry is available for one-day and extended programs across North America. His signature workshops include topics of interest to groups of any age including adult study groups, children, teens, parents, and seniors. 


Workshops can be customized to suit various groups or topics and are ideal for programs at schools, libraries, youth groups, religious schools, camps, places of worship, organizational retreats, and educational settings.  


Jerry also offers consulting on camp management and organizational development

Jerry is also recently engaged in photography with an emphasis on portraiture and visual storytelling.

My kids still share some of your stories till this day!

- Mike Perlman


Jerry Kaye is a master storyteller, who brings each character to life … through his resonant voice, a fun prop or two, although barely necessary, and just the right affect for you to get into the nature of the character he is portraying. Jerry has an eye for picking wonderful stories, stories that both teach and entertain as well!

- Merri Lovinger Arian